Selecting a School

Things to consider when thinking of possible schools…

1. Realistically estimating the level of college baseball you as a player could compete at.

  • This can start with reviewing any number of informative documents online that breakdown what average numbers and ability levels are for D1, JUCO, D2, D3, NAIA and so forth.
  • Need to have a candid and honest conversation with Coach Geary
2. Career interests and the way potential school meets them
  • Does school offer what you’ll be pursing?

3. Academic integrity of school

  • What is their academic reputation?
  • If it’s a Juco, will credits transfer to a 4 year school?

4. Cost and what is affordable

  • Is there financial aid?
  • Is there work study?
  • Will I have to take out a loan?
  • What is an acceptable cost?

5. Consider cost and possible future career

  • How long will it take to pay off college loans?
6. What is the size of school/campus?
7. Consider all the other demographics of campus

8. What is distance away from home?

9. Location and size of state/city

10. What is my personal comfort with school after visit?

11. Baseball and the program there

  • This is purposely listed last, because all of the other things listed prior are arguably more important.
  • Furthermore, even if you end up in elite company and play after college at some point you’ll need a job other than playing baseball. So making sure your education and college experience is a solid one beyond baseball is the best play.

These are just a few things I would suggest that person strongly look at when trying to decide on a possible college to attend. There are several variables that should be looked at before baseball is ever a consideration. The bottom line is that there are no guarantees with baseball. But it is all but guaranteed that a person will need a college education for the rest of their life.