Road to Recruitment

Steps for beginning the recruitment process:

1.   Read through the following website and become more familiar with college baseball scholarships. The second website has lists of some schools when you get to that point.

2.   Meet with Coach Geary to help accurately assess your potential college level ability.

3.   Read the webpage info labeled selecting a school.

4.   Carefully compose a list of at least 5 (10 would be better) schools that are a good match based on all the criteria mentioned on the selecting a school page.

5.   Email your list of schools to both Coach Geary.

6.   After emailing your list, Coach Geary will put together your baseball resume. It would include all relevant baseball athletic numbers as well as video we have taken.

7.   We will contact each school on your list and include your resume. All our correspondence with schools will be recorded and logged. It will then be shared via google doc, or something similar, in a timely fashion with you so can see the process play out in as real time as possible.

8.   Once we have established contact, we will put player in touch with the school/coach to set up a potential visit and/or workout. Or perhaps set up a time to have coach see the player in action in person.

9.   Any correspondence the player has with perspective school should be logged on the document mentioned above and shared with Coach Geary.

10. Repeat process per individual school.

11. Eventually make a decision.