Millard South Baseball

The Millard South baseball program has a mission to produce not only great baseball players, but student-athletes who are also positive role models for their school and active members in the community.

The Millard South baseball program was built on hard work, discipline and always placing the team before the individual. There have been many great coaches over the years that instilled these principles with their teams. We have always taken pride in our hard working approach to the game and will always strive to maintain that style of play.

We are very proud of our baseball alumni that have so much pride in Millard South. Whether they were an “Indian” or a “Patriot”, they were all MILLARD SOUTH. We have had many players that have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional levels. More importantly, we have had even more go on to be extraordinary men who are very successful in their many different career choices. As the head coach and former Millard South player, nothing gives me greater pride than having former players, coaches and parents stop by when they see the lights on just to say hello and check up on the current team! It is this sense of “FAMILY” that has always been very special at Millard South.

The coaches at Millard South take enormous pride in continuing the tradition that was laid forth by the previous men who lead many great teams throughout the history of our storied program. We strive to be great husbands, fathers and leaders of young men. We want to show them the importance of not only being a member of a team but a valued member of society. Much like life, baseball has many ups and downs…we teach them how to deal with adversity and to overcome the many challenges that they will face. Not only in baseball but years to follow in whatever curveballs life throws their way.

Coach Greg Geary